Privacy Policy

In the digital age, online platforms collect and manage user data for various purposes, and BC.Game is no exception. This article aims to provide an overview of BC.Game’s Data Privacy and Cookie Policies, outlining how the platform collects, uses, and protects user data.

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BC.Game collects and utilises personal data to grant users access to its websites and enable participation in games. It commits to protecting this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act and relevant laws, adhering to best business practices and respecting user privacy. BC.Game uses personal data for game-related activities and also informs users about changes, new services, and promotions.

Personal data is generally not disclosed to third parties unless required by law or relevant business partners, suppliers, or service providers responsible for specific aspects of the website’s functionality. BC.Game employees have access to user data for providing assistance and services with user consent.


BC.Game employs cookies to enhance the user experience, monitor website visits, and improve services. Cookies are small text files stored on a user’s computer that serve as identification cards, helping websites recognise returning users. Users can disable cookie collection but should be aware that this may restrict or hinder website usage.

BC.Game uses two types of cookies: those set by the platform and those set by third parties. The former keep users signed in and tailor website content to their preferences.

Third-party cookies, such as those from Google Analytics, Zendesk, and Cloudflare, also play a role in user tracking and service optimisation. Some cookies may remain between sessions due to background processes in certain browsers.

Data Protection and Security Measures

BC.Game is committed to safeguarding user data through various security measures. It employs encryption for data in motion over public networks and in databases, along with auditing standards, Distributed Denial of Service mitigations, and a live chat feature.

Server protection policies include full encryption, encrypted backups, firewalls, VPN access, and restricted server access. Data breach notifications are provided in accordance with GDPR regulations.

International Data Transfer BC.Game discloses personal data to third parties only when necessary for high-quality service or to respond to lawful requests from authorities. It shares data with third-party systems, such as Zendesk, only as needed for user support.
Social Media Integration BC.Game allows users to create accounts and log in through various third-party social media services, including Google, Facebook, Telegram, Metamask, and Web 3.0. When users grant access to their accounts, BC.Game may collect personal data associated with those accounts, such as names and email addresses.
Data Deletion Request Users can request the deletion of their personal data from BC.Game if there is no legal obligation to retain it. However, BC.Game cannot guarantee compliance with such requests if legal obligations mandate data retention.


BC.Game’s policies are designed to protect user data, ensure transparency, and provide users with control over their personal information. By understanding and adhering to these policies, both BC.Game and its users can navigate the online gaming experience with confidence in data privacy and security.